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    Quilted vintage Valentino skirt from mascarajones.

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    Loneliness does not come from being alone, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important, said Carl Jung.

    I began to write because I was too shy to talk, and too lonely not to send messages, said Heather McHugh.

    The interesting thing is why we're so desperate for this anesthetic against loneliness, said David Foster Wallace.

    We're all in this alone, said Lily Tomlin.


    "In my studio, I always had bathing caps, hot water bottles, galoshes and enema bags – anything that I could fill up." >> more

    "Fate is a female system of self-deception." >> more

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    "Okay, so you know as a writer that we don't believe in ourselves very consistently." >> more

    "His were the eyes of a man who has gazed into the abyss, and the abyss gazed back, and then he endorsed the abyss." >> more

    "I have answered fuck, now I will do cunt. Then they will leave me in peace.” >> more

    Writing at the frontier, at "the border which separates our knowledge from our ignorance and transforms the one into the other." >> more

    "I’m suspicious of things that make sense. False security. Whereas contradiction does make sense to me." >> more

    "Oh my god, I didn’t see you./You must be in a hurry, you offer./No, no, no, I really didn’t see you." >> more

    I went to a crystal healer >> more

    She wrote "about that which is more than one, and more than two, but less than infinity. This finitude is important” >> more

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    UC Berkeley pulling plug on anarchist Emma Goldman's archive >> more

    "it was only/so many minutes a whole life/is that a lot or a little" >> more

    "The first few lines keep giving birth to more and more lines. Like most poets, I don’t know where I’m going." >> more

    "I would say that happiness can be momentary but that it also happens frequently" >> more

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    Mikhael Bakunin is wanted by the Brazilian police >> more

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    "Millions of small fish that swam into the marina en masse, used up all the available oxygen, suffocated and died" >> more

    Chinese-South Africans reclassified as "black" >> more

    Here's a first world problem: "The inability to see that others are as fully complex and as keen on pleasure as you are." >> more

    The single copy of Wu-Tang Clan's new album: "This is like somebody having the scepter of an Egyptian king" >> more

    Last king of Rwanda lives in low-income housing in Virginia >> more

    What's the payoff, cash value of poetry? "Only accumulated protestations of the human heart. Only that." >> more

    "To love the sunset is not, as they say, one of the attributes of exile." >> more

    Jackson Pollock's 1943 application to work at the Museum of Non-Objective Painting >> more

    "Adolescence is modern life's black hole, a gravitational field so intense nothing can escape it." >> more

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    There is still a bus service from Damascus to Beirut >> more

    On pervasive, default low-grade ambient humor: "What is absurd isn’t falsifiable; puns register no truth value." >> more

    "It would be quite nice if there was slightly less outrage about the same things all the time." >> more

    "I came here in peace, seeking gold and slaves” >> more

    Žižek cut-and-paste: "Every joke cited, paraphrased, or narrated in [his] work in English" >> more

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    "Nobody will find my bones," he promised, and nobody did >> more

    In a mass knife fight among every U.S. president, who would win? Probably not Jimmy Carter >> more

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    Surfers say "I drowned" instead of "I almost drowned": "Drowning, after all, feels like almost drowning until it feels like nothing." >> more

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    100 words for snow, including penstla, the idea of snow >> more

    “Getting rid of the fishy smell of fox meat is one of the hardest tasks in the world!” >> more

    Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Museum collection, sorted by color >> more

    "The possibilities that open up when we behave as if there are no things that are always true and that philosophy is dead." >> more

    Zadie Smith on corpses: "A persistent problem for artists: How can I insist upon the reality of death?" >> more

    Challenges on reality show for writers include diary entry from perspective of someone who has gone blind >> more

    "Forgeries must be served hot" >> more

    "There should be no ecstatic moments of recognition" >> more

    Not ten people whose deaths would spoil my dinner, but "one or two whose deaths would break my heart" >> more

    Another dead and empty planet >> more

    "I’m much more into dead plants and seed pods” >> more

    "The sun has not exploded but is dying / five million years left / write that down" >> more

    Visiting Star Axis: "That tells me the world is not getting easier to decipher" >> more

    An inauspicious beginning >> more

    At the book destruction plant >> more

    "You owe it to the art to examine the nuances of your discomfort" >> more

    Vicarious emotions: "sensitivity to something other than palpable needs" >> more

    "Each man had one person to shoot, and so everything should have been alright." >> more

    "Just be sad. Just let the sadness, stand in the way of it, and let it hit you like a truck." >> more

    "The enormous condescension of posterity” >> more

    Filling a vessel drop by drop: "at last a drop which makes the heart run over” >> more

    "You’ve just told me some high spots in your memories. Want to hear mine? They’re all connected with the sea." >> more

    Ray Bradbury interview rejected by Paris Review for being "a bit informal in places, maybe overly enthusiastic" >> more

    No Volvo owner will ever face the challenge of an unwanted compliment >> more

    Ununpentium, the newest element >> more

    The complete FBI files on Charles Bukowski >> more

    YouTube fails to deliver one single actual cow-tipping video >> more

    On weekends I like to: talk all night about the people we’ve wronged and how we hate them for it >> more

    List of artists who committed suicide >> more

    A "poor speaker, with a lisp and a pronounced provincial accent," Karl Marx's first job was as a political reporter >> more

    "I forget he’s there until one of the camera operators says, ‘I think Kanye West fell asleep.’" >> more

    “Designers, stylists, models: we’re all such professionals,” she observed wryly >> more

    Allen Iverson has a deferred trust worth more than $30 million that he can't touch until he turns 55 >> more

    Busyness as "a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness" >> more

    On the quest for novelty: "not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to see the universe through the eyes of another" >> more

    Didion called Franny and Zooey self-help copy: "what makes it spurious is Salinger’s tendency to flatter the essential triviality within each of his readers, his predilection for giving instructions for living." >> more

    "My other source of daily pleasure is—but I wish I had a better way of putting it—other people’s faces." >> more

    "If anyone else had asked her if she was “fucking retarded” at a Jeremy Scott party, she’d still be in a shame spiral. But from Lohan, it just felt, she said, amazing." >> more

    The best fashion model in the world >> more

    "The storm spirit is abroad on the night": Collection of English ballads about disasters >> more

    Reviews of BIC For Her ballpoint pens >> more

    Cypress Hill played through a squid's fin >> more

    Sexual selection not just for genetic fitness but from a preference for the “merely beautiful” >> more

    A bacterium on a diatom on an amphipod on a frog on a bump on a log in a hole at the bottom of the sea >> more

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    Lanai sold to CEO of Oracle >> more

    "Coolness: An Empirical Investigation" >> more

    "Nothing interferes with my own writing except my irresolute character and the limitations of my talent." >> more

    "You sort of know the clothes that defined who you were and still define who you are. And then the other things were you pretending to be someone else." >> more

    Map of wind patterns >> more

    Suburbs of Shanghai, built to look like European locales >> more

    Resemblance of flower petals to slices of steak: Japanese word for peony can also mean wild boar meat >> more

    The greek foot, piede greco >> more

    A billion stars in one image, for the first time >> more

    Those of us who are "repositories of revolutionary artifacts, passed down from our parents and grandparents, or, if we’re old enough, from our own past selves." >> more

    The artistic principle that guides him is awesomeness, he says. >> more

    "Look to the west after sunset Sunday night and, unless clouds impede the view, you’ll see three worlds." >> more

    Baudelaire prayed to the spirit of Edgar Allen Poe >> more

    For $90, nonviolent prisoners in Santa Ana, CA can get an upgrade to a clean, quiet cell >> more

    Zora Neale Hurston's back-up plan was a really good chicken soup >> more

    Irony: “that deep-down need to mean two things at once, to be in two places at once, not to be there for the catastrophe of a fixed meaning.” >> more

    Petronius, likely author of the Satyricon, was Emperor Nero's official "arbiter of elegance" >> more

    "It's gotta be a topless bar!" he cried. "This is the greatest fucking headline of my career!" >> more

    Pirate ransoms are tax-deductible >> more

    JSTOR, the repository of scholarly papers, turns away 150 million attempts at access every year >> more

    Ayn Rand briefly had a column for the Los Angeles Times >> more

    Sketchbook of Susan Kare, who designed the symbol on the command key >> more

    “Being a tomboy helps a bit. Most of the great style icons are tomboys, or they don’t admire themselves physically.” >> more

    Live webcam at the South Pole >> more

    Boswellia trees, which produce frankincense, could disappear within 50 years >> more

    Jacarandas, “those lavender flowers, like cotton candy clouds,” were Nabokov’s favorite thing about Los Angeles >> more

    A whole chicken in a can >> more

    Gift guide for me: everything on this Vaclav Havel reading list >> more

    R. Kelly has written 32 more chapters of "Trapped in the Closet" >> more

    "The redeeming thing about beauty is the emptiness of it . . . it doesn’t carry any other meaning, which makes it sort of like death, except not funny." >> more

    "Operation Last Chance II" >> more

    The sensation of "words coalescing into sentences I liked" >> more

    "You can't sense what they tasted in the air as they were doing it: freedom, fury, the power – for once – of being young and strong and agile and a homegirl, the flat-out joy of getting your hands on some free stuff." >> more

    Why burn doctors hate cup ramen >> more

    Humor is the brain's reward for discovering mistaken assumptions >> more

    They say/ that Napoleon/ was colourblind/ & blood for him/ as green as/ grass >> more

    Scientific American launches blog devoted to octopuses >> more

    "Judging something interesting is often a first step in actually making it so." >> more

    CA Supreme Court to decide if Stephen Glass is fit to practice law >> more

    Music as torture: FBI considers Barry Manilow "excessive force" >> more

    Ninth severed foot found in British Columbia >> more

    Three-quarters of the honey sold in grocery stores isn't technically honey >> more

    "He is pretty funny. He will be even funnier when he gets older and sadder." >> more

    "There are always a few days during a Los Angeles winter,
    when the sky seems to open up, and all the water falls out." >> more

    Yo, Is This Racist? >> more

    Mao liked hoops >> more

    Iris Apfel to design a line for Home Shopping Network >> more

    Acne vaccine in development >> more

    Major sperm bank stops accepting donations from redheads >> more

    All 60 women in the LeTigre song "Hot Topic" >> more

    Map of waterflow toponyms >> more

    “You can live more privately here than anywhere else and yet still be in a city,” David Hockney said of L.A. “In a way I moved here for the isolation.” >> more

    The poet's dream: to be "so important and renowned that she literally is not contractually obligated to deal with poets or poetry whatsoever" >> more

    Barbeque cookbook by Black Panther founder Bobby Seale >> more

    Backlash against minimalism >> more

    Zomia: "the largest remaining region of the world whose peoples have not yet been fully incorporated into nation-states" >> more

    The Corpus of Contemporary American English >> more

    $5,000,000 worth of illegally downloaded files >> more

    "For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you." >> more

    Helmut Lang turns 6,000-piece clothing archive into "stalactite" sculptures >> more

    Before he ran Kandahar, Ahmed Wali Karzai ran "slightly exotic" restaurant in Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago >> more

    Are assholes worse than douchebags? >> more

    Qatar is the world's top contemporary art collector >> more

    Oxford University internal style guide recommends against the Oxford comma >> more

    Moving a Richard Serra sculpture >> more

    A transgendered person is murdered in a hate crime every month >> more

    Fran Lebowitz: "I have a real pimp’s taste in cars." >> more

    "People from between somewhere and nowhere" >> more

    "Opposite of a parade" >> more

    Awesome people hanging out together >> more

    DIY cotton candy machine >> more

    Personal effects of the Unabomber at auction >> more

    Mutatoes: Photographs of ugly/awesome fruits >> more

    Custom portraits of your favorite rock >> more

    The nine artifical dyes approved for food >> more

    Where We Are There Is No Here >> more

    "Montaigne, per Montaigne, was lazy, mediocre, and “full of inanity and foppery”; he had a lousy memory and a small penis." >> more

    A "quiet act of valor" from Stephon Marbury >> more

    ". . . the stubborn failure of objects to provide the benefits demanded of them" >> more

    Carine Roitfeld: "It's often the case that what a woman reads makes her more attractive than what she wears." >> more

    Woody Allen's favorite typeface, Windsor EF Elongated >> more

    Ai Weiwei: "I don't think I'm brave . . . but I really want to be myself, to state my mind clearly." >> more

    A "series of tragic events that nearly rewrote a nation’s history, based on a lie." >> more

    "In Newton's universe, equations can run in either direction – forward or back. But there is one equation that runs only one way: heat turns to cold." >> more

    "I think that the habit of reading is intensely pleasurable and it's also hard." >> more

    "Octopuses are a separate experiment in the evolution of the mind" >> more

    Octopuses, octopi, octopodes? >> more

    Irma's World >> more

    Where do potholes come from? >> more

    About time: A brief history of time zones >> more

    It's All About the Lighting (2011) >> more

    Le Corbusier-designed city in India, Chandigarh >> more

    Vacation tour to Iraq >> more

    Vagueness in speech >> more

    Clouds: "an improbably resilient adversary" >> more

    "Its viscera came out with an easy tug; a small palmful of livery" >> more

    "Zapped by the god of Absurdity" >> more

    Rule-breaking as a measure of humanity >> more

    Hipstamatic photo wins photojournalism award >> more

    Kim Jong-il looking at things >> more

    How to make a macrame plant hanger >> more

    "I had this feeling like I had forgotten to be young" >> more

    Andrea Zuckerman is 50 years old >> more

    "Blood Wars" tournament: White blood cells from two people, battling in a petri dish >> more

    Outsourcing to high-security prisons >> more

    Suprematism, constructivism, and "a thrilling element of Soviet over-reaching" >> more

    J.L. Austin's "A Plea for Excuses" >> more

    LACMA's digitized exhibition catalogues >> more

    Literary outlaws >> more

    The unintentional: "a habit that has slipped, as if it no longer matters enough to remember" >> more

    The "bouquet of printer’s ink: ash, black pepper, cordite, with a hint of brimstone" >> more

    "Sometimes impulsiveness and self-indulgence were no more than that, but every once in a while they were something you might call genius. I worried about genius." >> more

    Leonard Cohen calls for moratorium on covers of "Hallelujah" >> more

    Maurice Merleau-Ponty was discovered dead with his face in a book by Descartes >> more

    Darkest possible sky >> more

    Child geniuses in literature >> more

    My interview with Rafaël Rozendaal for XLR8R magazine >> more

    "I want to tell you what your thing is." >> more

    Condoleeza Rice: "You don't get married in the abstract" >> more

    Britain's last maker of glass eyeballs >> more

    The pork is in the mail >> more

    Amish romance novels >> more

    The going price for street pecans >> more

    New jalapeno developed specifically to hold more cheese >> more

    Tunisia has three presidents in 24 hours >> more

    The single issue of Wonder Magazine >> more

    Basketball court design >> more

    Peer-reviewed journal article claims to show existence of ESP >> more

    Allen Iverson tries his first Philly cheesesteak at T.G.I. Friday's in Istanbul >> more

    Tupac's 1996 prom date >> more

    Rei Kawakubo on selling Comme des Garcons: “I don’t think there's anyone who would want to buy it." >> more

    Explanation of different types of cream, from whipping to clotted >> more

    Photographs of people jogging with Madonna >> more

    Only two families remain at Cabrini-Green >> more

    The complete musical works of Marcel Duchamp >> more

    "Everything I do is to protect my hands" >> more

    The "terrorism of politesse" >> more

    The Rejected Project >> more

    Tweet this: "Charge, angry youth" >> more

    Design objects are taxed at a higher rate than art objects in Europe >> more

    A "private little graduation speech" from J.D. Salinger >> more

    Who owns Antarctica? >> more

    Can you draw the internet? >> more

    Truths for Mature Humans: "Bad decisions make good stories" and "I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least kind of tired" >> more

    Porpoises rescue Dick Van Dyke >> more

    "I sometimes think I write books in lieu of letters and that real letters have more kindness in them, addressed as they are to one friend.” >> more

    Spreading Santorum >> more

    "Sorry I haven't posted": Aggregation of blog posts that include that line >> more

    Walk the solar system >> more

    I could care less >> more

    Bangable dudes in history >> more

    Does our economy depend on delusion?: "Modern consumption is open-ended, a longing for something unknown and thus potentially transformative." >> more

    Future of dance >> more

    Hells Angels file trademark challenge against Alexander McQueen >> more

    Jeffrey Deitch house tour >> more

    Why you should write poetry >> more

    Aiding and abetting your wanderlust >> more

    Sixth taste? Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami, and kokumi, the creaminess in dairy >> more

    Be still my heart. A reality TV show about shopping for "Oddities" >> more

    Sony has ceased production of the Walkman >> more

    Black Panther coloring book >> more

    "There should be a word that means “the fatal underestimation of another’s honesty."">> more

    Philosophy of jokes: ". . . the more interesting a subject is, the more boring the accompanying philosophy." >> more

    Narwhal tusk at auction >> more

    Hunter S. Thompson's cover letter: "I'd rather offend you now than after I started working for you" >> more

    Satanic images: The 666th picture taken on people's digital cameras >> more

    Censored Chinese internet plug-in >> more

    Books from David Markson's personal library available at The Strand >> more

    Bread subscription >> more

    Bats have developed regional accents >> more

    "The pigskin ceiling tiles are peeling off. The Mies van der Rohe chairs need reupholstering." >> more

    Foraging for thimbleberries and gooseberries >> more

    Rodney King engaged to "juror number 5" from his trial against the city of Los Angeles >> more

    Combat meals >> more

    The "exaggerated passion of adolescence": breaking into pools, drinking beer, driving beat-up old cars at night while reading aloud from a quiz in a women's magazine >> more

    Degrees of beef marbling >> more

    Crimes punishable by death in China include smuggling gold and passing forged checks >> more

    Guerrilla bike lane >> more

    Types of bitches >> more

    Photographs of slime molds >> more

    The phenomenology of ugly >> more

    Envy, or, dating Jonathan Franzen: ". . . what did his success prove if not that when the gift is prodigious enough, the world does need us?" >> more

    Nine-day traffic jam >> more

    Neuroscientist who studies the brains of psychopaths discovers he has the brain of a psycopath and is related to Lizzy Borden >> more

    Chemical reason secondhand bookstores smell like "good quality vanilla absolute" >> more

    "Freedom to do whatever we want and the freedom to not matter" >> more

    Company hides opt-out clause in online legal disclaimer giving them ownership of your immortal soul >> more

    Former food critic lives off $200 a month in food stamps >> more

    Films that most frequently use the word "fuck" >> more

    U.S. government's list of street terms for "pot" >> more

    Plans for a gay bar next door to the mosque near Ground Zero >> more

    Spelling bee for cheaters >> more

    Mongolian neo-Nazi group Tsagaan Khass ("White Swastika") >> more

    Salvador Dali had a pet anteater >> more

    Triceratops may have never existed >> more

    U.S. states in which it is illegal to collect rainwater >> more

    "People tell me, 'Your website makes me feel okay with collecting weird things, being messy, having weird shoes'" >> more

    Items seized at New York's JFK airport >> more

    Leaning Tower of Pisa has stopped leaning >> more

    Origin of currency symbols >> more

    Emailing while sleeping >> more

    "Undiscovered public knowledge emboldens us to question claims to originality: Is a creative offering truly novel, or have we just forgotten a worthy precursor?" >> more

    Russian speakers are better able to visually distinguish shades of blue than English speakers >> more

    Portion sizes in depictions of the Last Supper have doubled since Medieval period >> more

    On the menu at the Last Supper: grilled eel and orange slices >> more

    Indigo dying DIY >> more

    Laver's law: the lifecycle of fashion >> more

    Olivier Theysken's corner deli shopping list >> more

    Jeffrey Eugenides: "Bellow was good at writing about himself, but not me. I don’t know who I am." >> more

    South pole of Jupiter >> more

    Chicken came before the egg >> more

    Live in a museum for a month >> more

    Appeals court rejects FCC policy on "fleeting expletives" >> more

    “I don’t even like to look at albums of my kids when they were little. This is today. Once it’s over, it’s over.” >> more

    Iran bans the mullet >> more

    Michael Jackson's patent for anti-gravity shoes >> more

    It's true what he said: I often like the idea of a thing more than the thing itself >> more

    Intellectual property among chefs >> more

    Islands for sale >> more
    Woodlands for sale >> more

    eBay price guide for first issues of magazines >> more

    Locked, writers-only private room in the New York Public Library >> more

    Craving sassafras twig syrup: "Think root beer with a lot of lemon in it." >> more

    "'Art is a way of showing the outside world what your inside world is like.' So is vomiting." >> more

    Map of public art in Los Angeles >> more

    What happened to King Tut's penis? >> more

    Raids on illegal pinatas >> more

    Landlocked countries >> more

    Female, non-white Marvel superheroes >> more

    There are more Ethiopian doctors practicing in Chicago than in all of Ethiopia >> more

    We experience greater pain when we believe it to be intentionally inflicted, rather than by accident >> more

    "Sometimes, we simply like pain; it confirms our sense of how the world is. . . . the quality of being profoundly true to life." >> more

    Headless rooster lives for 18 months after non-lethal decapitation >> more

    Contest: Turn your dissertation into an interpretive dance >> more

    "When I can’t sleep, I think about what I’m missing. . . . I wonder what I would be dreaming about, if only I could fall asleep." >> more

    Reuters working with Adobe on Photoshop component that would record changes made to photographs >> more

    Video of world record-setting free dive >> more

    Make something cool everyday >> more

    Street vendors without a license in New York City can legally sell books and art >> more

    Why Los Angeles is no place for a poet >> more

    Displaying sun-faded paintings in a state of "simulated newness" >> more

    As evidenced by my "About" section, I'm a big fan of subject postponement >> more

    Frank Gehry: LEED certification has become fetishized, like "if you wear an American flag on your lapel." >> more

    Supreme Court closes front door: "We are becoming a nation of moles, timorous creatures who scurry through side and subterranean entrances." >> more

    Top 40 magazine covers of the last 40 years >> more

    Kathleen Hanna bequeaths her papers to NYU, for the university library's Riot Grrrrl Collection >> more

    The business of poverty >> more

    Monkeys writing Shakespeare: "The appeal . . . has never had anything to do with monkeys, but rather with the notion of greatness through infinity." >> more

    Fourteen-year-old Malcolm Gladwell running in a 1,500 meter race >> more

    Portraits of rural Africans: one in typical poverty pose and one dressed “wochena” (“dressed to kill”) >> more

    "Would you pay $109 for a notebook? >> more

    Squid ink buns, taro rolls and sea salt lattes >> more

    Reverse engineering McDonald's french fries >> more

    The four signs of the apocalypse: "formulae for the creation of art; a narcissistic, self-reinforcing cult; the return of sentiment; and the alibi of cynicism" >> more

    Shaquille O'Neal curates art exhibit about size >> more

    Should affirmative action consider class instead of race? >> more

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service auctions items seized from illegal animal trade >> more >> more

    "Introverts are people who find other people tiring" >> more

    Philosophy classes on YouTube >> more

    Caviar vending machine in Moscow >> more

    Free mini-album of collected sounds by Jarvis Cocker >> more

    Black American babies cost $8,000 less to adopt than Hispanic or white babies; girls cost $2,000 more than boys >> more

    Heinz ketchup changing its recipe for first time in 60 years >> more

    Stealing tiny fragments from priceless works of art >> more

    Should artists have a right to a share of the profits from resale of their work? >> more

    "Daria: The Complete Animated Series" released on DVD >> more

    Fashion Law Institute, finally >> more

    Subway applies to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for exclusive use of the term "footlong" >> more

    Last Jew in Afghanistan >> more
    Last of the Asian Godfathers >> more

    Woolly mammoths had antifreeze blood >> more

    NASA logo known in-house as "the meatball" >> more

    Hirshhorn Museum director asks staff to help make the lobby/gift shop look busy during donor visit >> more

    Only 20 percent of the salt on a potato chip dissolves on the tongue; the rest is ingested with no contribution to taste >> more

    On the duty to be happy: "How did we become unhappy about not being happy?" >> more

    Blood type discrimination in Japan >> more

    Peter Singer advocated eating oysters in Animal Liberation >> more

    Lead a tour of something, somewhere: "Going Places, Doing Stuff" call for proposals >> more

    How do you pronounce "Moleskine"? >> more

    Somewhere in the world there is a sunset right now >> more

    Sound of space dust colliding with Earth's ionosphere >> more

    The words David Foster Wallace circled in his dictionary >> more

    Why are there so few female critics? >> more

    Well-deserved Pulitzer Prize >> more

    Shyness as a preoccupation with the self: "At the very least, if you’re shy, you’re never bored" >> more

    History of Prussian blue, the first synthetic color >> more

    Cake vs. pie bracket >> more
    Tournament of books >> more

    Writers' day jobs >> more

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